Monday, April 13, 2009


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Everyone has had humiliating moments.

Not what it seams:
"We were outside, and the guys in my youth group were showing off by jumping off the roof. I wanted to get their attention so I started doing cartwheels. Right in the middle of my best one, I heard a loud pop--my pants had split right up the rear end! My youth leader had to drive me home!"

Bums away:
"My best friend and I were walking back from the pool and decided to play a trick on my cute neighbor. His room is in the basement, and he has his own entrance with a sliding glass door. We thought it would be funny to sneak down and moon him. So we dropped our swimsuit bottoms and knocked on the glass. We turned around to see the look on his face, but instead we saw his mom staring at our butts with her mouth wide in horror-she had been vacuuming his room! Oops!"

Extra topping:
"I went to our town fair with a bunch of friends and saw a totally hot guy in line for the Sizzler, the ride that jerks you back and fourth and around and around. I got in line right behind him, and we wound up sitting next to each other! When the ride shifted sideways, I couldn't stop from mushing up against him. But after awhile, I couldn't take the spinning-and threw up the pizza I'd eaten earlier. Some of it landed in his hair, and he was so disgusted, he nearly vomited himself!"

Stair master:
"I was hanging out in front of my school waiting for my bus, when I saw this guy I really liked. He was sitting near the stairs by the front door, so I went over to give him a hug. I stood on the stairs and leaned down, but in the middle of the hug my foot slipped off the stair. I fell-and my hand landed right between his legs on the0you-know-what! Thankfully my bus pulled up, so I was able to make a break for it!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, they would all be so embarressing especially that last one!