Friday, April 3, 2009

Same shape, different colors

For some of the new stuff stardoll brought out, of course they use the same shape. And some different colors, maybe for the worst. Plus some 'Paulina Look-A-likes'. The Paulina earrings, I had seen it when they came out, looked exactly like the ones. But I was to lazy to post about it :P

The others have the shape of the Mary-Kate and Ashley clothing. But I think I like the originals better. Oh and before there was this black bow that looked exactly like the Paulina bow! (I can find them if I'm bored and want to post something, Lol. I have look-a-like so yeah)


gumby_rox101 said...

yeah i noticed the pink dress too. but i dont like the colors much. if it didnt have polka dots i would buy it