Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey I have officially left stardoll and this is probably my last post, but since the three lottery dresses were not able to be sold to the real people I chose, therefore they will be sold in my bazaar tommorow (sunday) at 8pm UK time. I will sell all 3 lotteries for 60 and and anyone can buy them.

Also I did not give my account to Lizzie because it was too hard for me to give it away so im just going to cherish my account here and not give it to anyone.

So be there for the sell-off.
The three lotteries that will be sold for 60 are:
-lindsey (officially supposed to be sold to Lizzie1393 but did not get the time to come and buy it off me so now in the sell-off)
-White wedding dress (officially supposed to be sold to bluegreen86 but she did not even contact me so its in the sell-off)
-Black-white lily cole dress (officially supposed to be sold to daddysangel02 but did not get sold due to time difference)

Also some hotbuys and stuff will be on sale too. Be there for your chance to get a bargain!



Lauren said...

Okay. :(
I'm so sorry to see you leave! :(

Lauren said...

You will be missed by many. Remember that

DaddysAngel02 said...


I hope you read my messages.

DaddysAngel02 said...

I will dearly miss you<3

Bluegreen86 said...

I do not understand! I messeged you like 8 times trying to get in touch with you and then you just messeged me about this saying I didnt try contacting you! You were one of my closest friends on stardoll, and you told me you were leaving in june! Im completely in shock and stunned as to what is happening and I was almost crying yesterday because we never got to say goodbye! Please messege me Katie! Please!

Rachweee123 said...

I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

They will be like flies around s**t when you have your sell off

Sorry that you are leaving
Be happy

lizzie1393 said...

hi! i'm actually relieved that you didn't give me your account. =]
but i think it is going to be very hard to sell the 3 dresses to the right people as there will be tons of others trying to get them so it is likely we won't get them.
but it is a good thing you are doing and we're all going to miss you! =]

funky_ana said...

Ohh,I guess your *not gived* account means you will come back one day! wee :D
PS did u sell it already?I dont know was that time xD