Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please report littlemissruby

Fev days ago,littlemissruby told me to add one girl to msn,I did,and I ask why.She said she can give me 3000 sd if I give her my pass.I said no,to Ruby and other girl.Then other girl called Ria(I rhink it's Ruby) said I am loosing a friend.I said Ruby isn't my friend,we are only talking about trades,and that was month ago.They Ruby came online and told me she will delete my acount if I don't give her my DKNY.I said I won't,and she said she will delete my acc.She told me her dad know manager of Stardoll,and she will have my account.I started sending messages like REPORT LITTLEMISSRUBY SHE WANTS MY DKNY/PASSWORD AND SHE SWEAR SHE WILL DELETE ME!I send her that(wasn't looking) and now she started sending same but she wrote funky_ana.
I am really upset,she is also calling me lil stupid kid,slut ect.SHE IS 17!PLEASE REPORT HER!