Sunday, February 8, 2009

Star Awards!

As many of you know, yesterday, for one more time, Star Awards took place in Jeremyn2005's GB. Well, and they wouldn't be awards without a little drama, would they? So, as usual a scandal caused. When the time came for stuff to count the votes for the winner on the 'Best Dressed' section, Ellie (fakeshake3) claimed she had won, when apparently she hadn't. You see Ellie told she counted the votes and found herself 1st but the truth is according to Jeremyn2005 and the rest of the stuff that the winner was Molly (iamyourfat). Mario (dodence_bt) prooved that, so Ellie got mad at hearing it and in her madness she called Mario 'gay' something really harmful, I think. But anyway the winner..was the winner and the winning title went to Molly (iamyourfat) since she had 17 more votes than Ellie (fakeshake3) and this was the end of the scandal but it left many angry people behind. I think people were right when they said, there is not gonna be a competition without drama and some scandals on Stardoll and this thought has been prooved correct. Anyway here are the official results for you to see (if you haven't seen yet):

Best newcomer - Sweet_3094
Best Female Medoll - Bluegreen86
Best male Medoll - Fag_Puff
Best dressed - Iamyourfat
Best Suite - Singingmermaid
Social Butterfly - Yourlovelorie
Best Personality - Snapple2
Best Friendship - Isabella.Arci & Noelle_Page
Best Magazine - Eternity
Best Blog - Perez Hilton Of Stardoll (Stardolls Most Hated Website)
Best bussiness - Singingmermaid
Special Achievement Award - WritemaryCat
Best Role Model - Undamyumbrellla

So what's your opinion on this? Fair or unfair? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment! :)