Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check It Out!

I know we don't suppose to post about ourselves but this is so important for me since I'm actually new at the blogging place so I wanted to let you know. As you know I have a blog, http://stardollgossipmania.blogspot.com and I'm currently running my 2nd competition, which is about to dress up Mary Kate Olsen and save it in your album. The prize is gonna be DKNY Knit Tweed Sweater OR DKNY Sequin T-Shirt Dress PLUS 2 Month 134$ CODE.
So I'd like to tell you if you want to participate you can leave a comment in my blog's post named "Mary Kate Dress Up Comp" with your Stardoll Username so when the comp ends on 25th Feb we can come and check out your album.
Also if you want to know what's happening in my blog every second, news etc. be sure to join my club Real.Covergirl so you can be aware of everything!
Again sorry Jackie if that annoyed you but be sure this comp is really important for me so I'd appreciate if you'd understand the main reason I posted about it.
Thanks and if you're going to take part GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!


Take Care!



Anonymous said...

That is fucking rude and LAME to advertise your competition and blog in somebody elses blog! Why don't u get off your fat ass and use some money and broadcast or keep telling people in your own f'ing club. You are so worried about being popular its very obvious and pathetic.

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

Look I didn't ask you your opinion whoever you are if you want to tell all these show me your name also and don't post as "Anonymous".
And as you know my friends did it too like Katie she talked about her club and if Jackie was annoyed by this she would/will tell it to me by herself, she doesn't need to ask you ok? So go get a life since you're acting like a little bitch and that's not the better way to act anyway! :)

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

And no I am worried to be popular haha! It's just I want people to participate to my comp because I simply know some of them cannot afford money to become SS and much more cannot have an old DKNY even if they want to and this is why I advertised it here and this is the only one and 1st time I advertise something and plus I don't even know you so why do not you try to act better anyway? You'd simply tell that in a nicer way you know since only low lifes are talking like this XD :D

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

and something final, in case you'rew blind or cannot see as you can read in my post I apologised to Jackie for this and she has any right to delete my post if she wants since she's the boss :)

Jackie, hunn, sorry for this, if you are being annoyed you can delete my post, I just posted about it to let people know, actually NON-SS especially who cannot afford money to become SS and they want an old dkny to participate in my comp..I guess you know it :)

DaddysAngel02 said...


I don't really care if you advertise. But like if you do don't do it like everyday :) That's all that I really care about.

appleblossom00-Katie said...

What's so wrong about that
Also if you want to come clear please specify your name rather than keeping it as 'anonymous'

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gowd what a f'ing LOSER with your long ass post. LMAO.

Sorry you can't handle the truth you little wanna be. me thinks you are the one who needs a life. If you want people to reveal their names then make it so anonymous people can't post. LMAO. And even if I did what you going to do whoop my virtual as. LMAO

DaddysAngel02 said...

I make it for anonymous so that like my friends who can't post can post. But for real it like doesn't matter if you hate on her I don't think she will care. BUT please take this somewhere else!

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

Yes Jackie you're totally right hunn :)
I never advirtised before, just that and I don't think Im gonna advertise anything else, I know the rules :)
And for you Anonymous, I really don't care what you think, it's your opinion anyway and it won't affect me at all. But as Jackie said take it somewhere else ok?
This is not the ideal place for arguments.