Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As my normal routine I was browsing some suites

First the whole room used to load up at the same time but now stardoll uses more memory and it loads each items one by one in your suite, WHICH TAKES LONGER TO LOAD IF YOU HAVE TOOO MANY THINGS IN ONE ROOM!
As we are recieving many good outcomes from stardoll, We just have one BIG PROBLEM!!
WHY, I hate it when the suite loads slow!

Does this happen to everyone or just me comment and tell me.


Anonymous said...

You really need to look into stuff before you post because you always talk about old shit. Where have you been?

DaddysAngel02 said...

No offence 'anonymous' but if you are going to be so honest or dishonest or whatever crap you are doing. Post your real name and all that crap. I don't care if you hatin and all that but for real just tell your name, or nobody will even take a second thought on what you say.

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

Haha, I guess it's the same person that talked to me like that Jackie in my post. What a low life! Posting mean things on others 's blogs never helps anyway and if you don't say who you're anyone is gonna care about what you say.
If we don't afraid to say our opinion then we show our names, don't we?

appleblossom-katie said...

'anonymous' whoever you are, incase you havent noticed the whole point of writing a blog is to share your ideas about stardoll and inform the readers.

And That's our choice to post whatever we like to post about.Maybe you are soo self-centered that whatever other people say seems shit to you.JUST GET A LIFE!!...I dont care whatever people like you say or think because at least I have a GREAT LIFE!..haha i could help you get a life,coz im a much nicer person than you.