Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ellie Ellie Ellie

So I'm gonna tell you the story between me and Ellie(fakeshake3).
Well yesterday I was working on my suite like I usually try to do after school. I look in my GB and find the actual owner of "rachson" threatening me. She claims it's Vjera and that she wants her(now mine) ashley dress back. Unfortunately I deleted everything about her in my GB. Anyways I told her that I'm keeping my ashley dress and that I'm sorry you got hacked. I had absoulutely no idea that rachson was hacked when I asked her if she would sell me Ashley clothes. The hacker said okay and even put the name Vjera on it. So I was really happy. So yesterday "Vjera" was saying that if you don't sell me my dress back I will delete your account. i kept saying sorry no. Finally right before I blocked her she said "Fine! I will block you IP address in five minutes!Want to keep your account? Yes or no?" I just blocked her and notified stardoll. I never heard from her after that.
This morning qazwsxedcq(Vjera) visited my suite and then I soon get a message from Ellie. Vjera obviously tried to sound as desparate as possible to get Ellie's attention and since Ellie loves my dress she would be thrilled for me not to have it. Ellie said it was stealing blah blah blah and that I should give it back blah blah blah. I'm not quite sure but I remember that Ellie wouldn't give Modelisous her clothes back and that she demanded for more. Correct me if i'm wrong. Anyways I spased at Ellie telling her she was a horrible person etc. So now Ellie is enemy #1 to moi! Anyways here are some messagesshe sent me! :


DaddysAngel02 said...

Oh gawd.

Why does she not want you to have it? Would she just keep it?

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Well you can think I'm horrible for saying this, but it is so sad when someone is hacked. And if you were on the receiving end of some of the stuff it would be so nice if you could help her out. I mean my cousin was hacked and all her rares and dkny were taken. She never got them back and it was horrible. How would you feel if that happened to you. If you found out who had your stuff wouldn't you hope that they would be kind enough to return them. I know you paid your money, but sometimes money isn't everything. Anyway the whole situation is sad. I hate hackers, but I guess that's why people shouldn't give their pass to others if they have so much to lose.

I am not attacking you btw just expressing my feelings about it.

Stardoll Gossip Girls said...
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Stardoll Gossip Girls said...

Sorry Lauren but I must see it from Jenna's point of view as well.
And she's right. Even though Vjera wasn't the best person ever, I mean she hurt some people too, she has any right to ask for her items back because she got hacked and this is the worst thing ever. We all know how it is to be hacked and I am sure you'd expect the same if you were in a similar situation, wouldn't you? Neither I am attacking you, just expressing my feelings. Now about Ellie, she really doesn't have any right to talk, I know what she has done as well and it's not much different from this. But Lauren try to be sensible and think yourself in this position..Maybe you can return her at least some of her items, since she feels horrible now.

Eftychia (MarsaL15)

Lauren said...

I understand guys! I have been hacked too! Twice where I lost every single rare I owned! I mean I was very sad but I got over it. I started new. I forgot the mention that she was making up lies that she paid 150$ in euro. I asked the person who sold the stuff to her and she said she did not that she just paid for what she sold it for!

Anonymous said...

i just think that ellie is repeating things over and over again. she sounds very... annoying.. :s

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

I agree with you Anonymous.

appleblossom00-Katie said...

Hmm I think this has 2 views, i agree with Lauren and Jenna, I mean she didnt know she was hacked but then again Vjera needs her rares back.Soo ermm yeah now it all depends on Lauren and Vjera.x