Monday, February 2, 2009


Hiya first of all I'm sorry I have not been posting much because I was ill and I do not go on stardoll as much as I did before
Secondly I would like to say a HUGE happy brithday to Jackie I hope You have a blast!

Anyway back to the spoilers, I was just looking around to see what was comming to stardoll when I spotted the new spoilers. Well I'm nt sure what shop or brand they are from but here they are...I normally dont post spoilers because I dont find them that interesting, but this time I found like a whole bunch and also I really like the blue and gold skirt and the mini dress, I also like the necklace. So i thought I might give you a taster of these upcomming things. Hope you like them.

P.S. The spoilers are officially my work, I found them myself, I was trying to add a watermark but It's 12:30am here its too late and im tired so I just couldnt be bothered.So before anyone starts blaming me I found them myself,also I dont ven think any blog has even posted these pictures yet becuase they just came on the spoilers link now.

Finally you may have seen the picture on new DKNY on other blogs, But as I saw that a picture of new DKNY has not been posted on this blog I thought I will post it for our readers who may have not seen it before. Yes stardoll gave us the taster in the stardoll magazine and that's where I got the picture from!..that's not all the DKNY but it's just a taster,Anyway hope you guys liked the spoilers.


Blondebug xx said...

Where do you find the spoilers?

Leave me a comment in my guestbook:

Gymcutie022 said...

hi! i saw those spoilers too. :)

DaddysAngel02 said...

Hm, Can't wait :D

Oh, thank you :)

My b-day was good!

appleblossom00-Katie said...

Cool Jackie I'm sorry I couldnt send you a gift yesterday as it was too late and I also found out on the blog.So i have sent you a late B-day gift.hope you ill like it.

And blondebug I'm sorry i can not tell you the link to the poilers as the person i got it from was a close frined and i also made them a promise to not tell anyone.but if you are that desperate to know the spoilers,the link was posted on parezgossip blog a long time will have to search their blog to find it.Im sorry.x