Saturday, February 21, 2009

March '09 HotBuys

So here are they, the March HotBuys which will be soon in Starplaza. Opinions?
I'm saying what excatly Fiona said, are these HotBuys or NotBuys?


MissBabz96 - Abbie said...

Hmmm...not impressed.

appleblossom00-Katie said...

Well, I dont like almost all of these items, and plus stardoll is repeating the same kind of desing on all the hotbuys skirts. dont you think??.if you look at the previouse hotbuys skirt and this new skirt they are kind of similar.I only kind of like the dress the doll is wearing but not the rest of the stuff.

DaddysAngel02 said...

I don't like to many.

I like the dark dress, accessories,a nd purse. Not sure about the other stuff.

MissBabz96 - Abbie said...

The only things i like is the call me bracelet and the dress the doll has on... Fun :)

Still waiting for this months cheeetah belt :P