Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okay so the new watch is incredibly cheap! 2sd! An appropriate price for a Hotbuy like this would be let's say 7sd perhaps? I'm not complaining but this may be the cheapest hotbuy we have ever had on Stardoll! And then we have the Balmain dress(I'm wearing) that I adore. Stardol is feeling awfully generous today! Also I'm happy to say my new blog already has 30 followers in 2 days! Let's hope you guys keep coming!!


ashley251214 said...

I KNOW! 2SD! OMG! thats a bargain on a hotbuy for sure! most of the hb are ugly and cost 12-14sd, this one is cute and only 2 starbuckS! i bought it for sureLOL