Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LE Mail

Well It looks like the Balmain is a bit expensive.... It's LE! Now I had to buy it because I'm a collector of it now but they completely surprised us on this one. Sorry the message was long so I put it together but photoshop wouldn't cooperate. Oh also we can sell this dress! I'm not going to sell mine :)


ashley251214 said...

oh 100 percent love this new LE dress, and notice how they said its the first one! wich means theres gonna be a summer LE!!! save ur money! or sell rares to me LOL !!! i bought one on each of my accounts i have to have copys

lizzie1393 said...

i missed out on getting it. =[
it's so beautiful too. if you have one that you could sell please let me know.

[meyoop] HopeHeDoesn'tLeaveMe said...

Its lovely!