Friday, June 26, 2009


So my print screen button isn't working that well right now. So you probably won't be seeing many pictures. Anywho in response to Ashton and Lauren's posts I am very sorry to see Farrah Faucet die, but I am not a Jackson fan, the only song I like is Thriller but I feel sorry for his family. The new basics shop is out, it is what the name entails Basics! I think all clothes are under 5 and non-superstar. So really all it is, is recolored clothes. That is probably why it's so cheap. I guess it is good but even me the most photoshop retarded person could do what stardoll did. So a 4/10, congratulations Stardoll your interior items for the Basics shop is better than the actual clothes!


xslap_shot8711x said...

umm hello dont mean to sound rude but the shop is called BASICS everything is supposd to be BASIC, your supposd 2 use it when you wanan wear say a super busy top wear plain pants, its not supposed 2 be worn all together, its just basics you need in life, and basics are supposed 2 be simple,