Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stardoll changes

So basically I was really bored (All I'm doing is trying to stop my hiccups :P) and was looking at stardoll changes over my years.

So back in early January of 2007 I bought 50stardollars for the first time it was 10 US dollars Yowzer! Crazy right? This was on my other account which was hacked. Then in October 2007 I got 300 stardollars for one of my birthday presents. Guess how much it was? About 27 dollars! Now 25 dollars would get you 1200 stardollars. Don't believe me? Here is some proof:

Be sure to look at the thing in the top!
Also do you older members remember the old shop?

It basically looked like the Juicy Couture online store. Yeah it was more basic then that! I also remember when there were no broadcasts, no star bazaar, and pretty much no Elites! Stardoll was sort of better and sort of worse! So for all you people thinking that stardoll is unfair check out those prices!

One more thing remember our medolls when you just joined?

Here are mine:

In January 2007:

So this is me in June 2008:

UGLY Right?!

And Now:

Sorry for the long post!


ashley251214 said...

LOL wow! ididtn come till september last year!!! i always knew about stardoll sense 07, when my sister played it, i checked it out, it was lame back then, now i cannot get off it!

Psychotic-Freak said...

I remember those days.. the shop was terrible and slow, we only had one room in our suites, which kinda defeats the purpose of the name, starbazaar and that didnt exist.. Oh, and MY MEDOLL. For some reason, black hair, the one which drapes over the face, gives the ellusion of your head being fat and makes you look drippy, in essence. I still have the same features though, just different hair.