Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot To Trot

Hello Readers, sorry for not posting much in the past weeks, but school is very hectic at the moment. Anyways this post is called Hot To Trot. Im going to show some Hot Outfits on Stardoll. It may be similar as Passion4Fashion on PSG, but I really wanna do my own. Well here it goes.

1: Tyrall (Claire) : Claire's outfits are always amazing, she always uses her imagination, and puts lots of effort in her outfits. This outfit is DIY chic, she has used lots of layering to create the perfect look. I must give an 8/10 for this outfit.

2: Guaggi (Mia) : Mia's outfit is wonderful, I love her shoe idea she has come up with, converse chucks with heals. Mia, can make any outfit work for her, her hair just blends in with every outfit she makes. The idea of Loveboat shorts as being a top is awesome, I love it. I didn't think making shorts as a shirt would look good, I mean I've only done skirts. Out of 10 I give this a 6/10.

3: Tatcinderella (Laura) : OMG where do I start, Laura this outfit is perfect, used as a chic business woman, girl you can flaut that dkny beret, the makeup is not clashing with the outfit, and the eyes are beautiful. The use of black and grey is one of Laura's favourite technique. All together I give a 9/10. Well Done.

4: n1mka4eva (Charlotte) : Charlotte this outfit is spectacular, I must say you finally found your newest inspiration, this Geisha GaGa has an amazing sense of imagination and not to forget style. This outfit is beautiful. The glasses are amazing, and well done, I don't think anyone would have thought to do something like that. The hair and makeup is the same, but always looks amazing with any outfit, the wings are awesome and so is the outfit, all together you get 9/10. Super Job.

Well folks I hope you all liked this post, there is much more to come for Hot To Trot later on in the year.

- Ciao


John / john2_el_mejor said...

Best Outfit====Geisha Gaga

Babii-Mariex said...

all look great [:

[meyoop] HopeHeDoesn'tLeaveMe said...

All awesome!
mu fave is TatCinderella's Outfit! Wow for the jeans!