Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe New Hair But who knows?

New banner. Made by who you ask? Well me! I got some help and figured out I was using the WRONG TOOL the whole time :P Lol anyways back to my post. On the Hotbuys Summer 2009 Doll there is a unfamiliar hairstyle that looks like it could land in the Starpoint Section don't you think? But if it were it would be like 10 000sp so people like Gabisia9 would get it first. I put my medoll wearing it and it's pretty cute! But added the Lauren touch for some fix-ups or touch-ups. Would you like this hair on your medoll?

xoxo, Lauren


taranee25 said...

It looks great

Gemma (74Modell) said...

I'd love it. A small correction :) Babuci1992 would get it first but oh well.

Adrija88 said...

I'd like to have it ! : ) *

Lauren said...

Gemma I wasn't saying that she would be the first I said she would be among the first

funky_ana said...

I like it. :)
Keira-v would be first. :D
gabisa9 and babuci1992 would be among the first. :D

B.londie said...