Friday, November 13, 2009


When i was looking in the suiteshop, i saw somthing really FUNNY! :DDD

The Wall Decor and the Floor Art are the funniest! (i think)
The floor art is funny because it looks like you can 'jump in it' ! :]]]]]]]]

Its reminds me of this....

It looks really 'real', huh?
And i already bought the Wall decor!

What about YOU?


Avril14140 said...


Noulitsa said...

nice hahaha!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

OMG the one the womans drew in real life is so realistic =O its beautiful i want one in my garden tehe
I'm going to buy them all on stardoll =] when i figure out where ill put 'em xXxXx

Stardoller said...

thats so kool its like fallin off a cliff