Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adrienne's Superstar Makeovers

I decided to try a new makeover with a beautiful girl named cia who I chose at random. I really hope that you like the makeover. I tried to make her look more light and approachable. I really think I made a nice transformation
I loved her freckles so much. I wanted them to show greatly in my final look so I didn't put on any blush. The first thing I changed was her hair. She had way too much hair for her pretty face. So I gave her a short, stylish cut and changed the haircolor to blonde with highlights. I complimented the lightness of this look with a light pink lipstick. I also used black eyeshadow to add contrast to the look. I wanted to do this so the look wouldn't be very one-sided. There are several different dimensions in this look. I wanted to keep the accessories light so I decided to just include a golden, floral headband. I feel that everything in this look fits together very well and that the transformation is strong
Inspire Others,
xo, Adrienne


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i love your makeovers!