Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something to do for the while!

Well at the moment nothing is really happening to my blog.

I know I said I will get new writers, new page ect...
But at the moment I need a banner! If you can make me one please contact me at my stardoll, Giveloveachance!
Anyways for now I'm just going to be doing different makeovers of users. :)
This is hollymay06 for her look I just did the opposite of what she had.
Left(Before) Right(After)


Avril14140 said...


9014_123_321 said...

it looks better after.
I cant make good banners, but i'd still love to be a writer for you.
My username is 9014_123_321.

Pls read my comment on you post Makeover&Writers needed. thx