Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Start Off. (Writers and makeover)

Okay, so I'm back! :D

I'm going to give the blog a makeover. But I do need help!
At the moment I have a temporary banner. So if anybody would make me one please contact me! The username is GiveLoveAChance

Also, I still do still need writers. You know what you have to do if you want to write.

1. You have to comment on you why you want to be a writer.

2. You have to show your love! Follow, comment, show us your love! :)


Wooldoor said...

I don't really like blogging much anymore, but i can do graphics and shit for you if youwant :)

naomi_b said...

m totally interested to be a writer
i love ur blog always
and my blog to refer is
i wasnt writing much cause i just moved to a new place but that i have settled n i will begin writing in my blog again
and i would love to write for urs
merry chritmas

Avril14140 said...

I`m glad you back!
I would love to be writer...I will be very active and you wont regret if you pick me!
I really wanna show you my passion for fashion!

I wish you all best for Christmas!!

Muffins0012 said...

I'd love to be a writer for this blog.
Jackie, You know I've been waited so bloody long to write for this sick blog. Its amazing. I think I shud writee cause I write alot, I run compeititions, I can do graphics,I also write about polls like prettiest doll and thaat. So Pick me, if wanted.

Anonymous said...

This blog is adorable(:
I would enjoy to write for it!! My name is Taylor, and Ive been peeking at this blog ever once in awhile and Im hooked!!(: It would mean everything to write for this blog. But, I happy with the blogs Im at now. But, if I would ever become a writer here I would try my hardest to be active(:
xoxo Taylor <3