Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To: Take an Item to the Next Level

Stardoll has a great collection of clothes for you to choose from in the Starplaza. But how can someone take that item to the next level and stand out against all of the other girls who bought it? Well I'll show you how in this post right now. There are 4 simple steps for you to follow so you can take your entire style to a new level.
Step 1 - Be Fearless. Girls that try to make simple outfits that they think others may think is cute is a huge NO NO! Don't let that fear of being different stop you when creating an outfit. Try things you would never have before because you may get a result that you never expected.
Step 2 - Go to Extremes. Find an extreme that each item withholds. There should be one centerpiece in your outfit. This should be the item that you are attempting to take to the next level. Find an extreme that this item has. For Example, my centerpiece to the right is the Paint Splatter Blazer. The two extreme options that I had were a very low cut neckline, or a very short skirt. I chose to go with a shorts option that made this jacket look like a jumpsuit. Find the extreme in your outfit
Step 3 - Accessorise Always. Accessories are your biggest chance to make an item your own. They can completely change the look of your outfit. Experiment with accessories and try to find ways to distort your clothing and find new looks that you didn't think of on first glance. That is one of the most important things I think of when making an outfit.
Step 4 - Compliment everything. Use items that compliment each other to create a perfect balance in your ensemble. For example, in my outfit I noticed yellow and a little red in the paint splattered blazer. So I complimented this by using a yellow and red stripe top under the jacket. I also used Rio Chicas shorts to compliment the jacket and make a jumpsuit affect.
So I hope you like the outfit I created and really take these rules to heart. All of my steps are open to interpretation because each girl should have a personal style. These are guidelines for finding something new when you're trying things out in either your wardrobe or in starplaza. Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below. If you keep these steps in mind, than you should never go wrong. Many girls ask me how I make so many different outfits that are all stylish. The steps above are exactly how.
xo, Adrienne


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