Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Buys Release+Glitch

The Hot Buys Muffin Purse is released, two times. Yup that's right, two times. The only difference is ones called Hot Buys Muffins Purse and the other is just Hot Buys Purse. Wow that makes them so make different!! :O
It's like the Hot Buys Sweater, just it's the same price on both.

What are your opinions on this: Love it, Hate it, Could of lived without it?

And the Stockings are still as pick of the day, since like the 22nd! What's up with that?!


katara4 said...

i think the bag is okay and i think i will buy it tomorrow...
i just see in the starplaza 1 bag ... xD

shannon_cheese said...

wow thats so weirD! yet cooool! i would personally buy the hotbuys one, (i dont rly like evil panda that much)

Mihaela said...

Its sweet!:)

talonofthehawk said...

It`s fixed now.

I like this bag.
I would buy it if I were a SS. (:
The price is alright too.