Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Buys Dress One- Or two?

What do I mean by this? Your about to find out! Well as you know there are the new Hot Buys out, 11 I believe. If you noticed there's that Hot Buys Dress that's...well colorful.
I knew I had seen it before, or at least something like it!

Well when I was looking around in my closet I noticed the 80's Hot Buys Dress and new I found a twin! Or something like that! It's similar except the color and pattern! It also takes a little similarity to the LE Dress.


Naomi said...

yeah ur right!

Rare-Trading said...

I think there both from Topshop!

Anonymous said...

I like both.

katara4 said...

i prefer the pink one ^^